As one of the leading manufacturers of cut-crystal in the world, AYTAS KRISTAL has been manufacturing fine crystal parts for decorative lighting fixtures since 1990. After a long experience of the hand-cut crystal production, AYTAS KRISTAL has still got a remarkable combination of the traditional handcraftsmanship, semi-automatic and fully-automatic machine technologies to produce the finest quality of cut-crystals. Besides of a wide range of clear and colour cut-crystals, for being a single source for the manufacturers of decorative lighting fixtures, AYTAS KRISTAL began to manufacture a wide range of metal (brass) clips in early 2004. The whole employee of AYTAS is proud for being a reliable supplier for all the well-known producers of decorative lighting fixtures in the world. Also we would like to announce that AYTAS KRISTAL SANAYI is only the independent firm producing crystal parts and metal clips for lighting industry in the world. All the other well-known crystal producers are a part of group which is producing complete lighting fixtures as well. Our main philosophy is to be focused on crystal production and keep the customers satisfied for long term and mutual profitable business relationships.

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